Commissioning a portrait with me is simple.


Typically I work from photographs, which I often prefer to take myself in a short sitting at your home.

During this time we can experiment with a variety of compositions/lighting until I have enough material to work from. I also make a small sketch from life - this gives the sitter an experience of sitting for a portrait whilst allowing me to get a greater sense of their personality, all of which can aid the finished portrait. This preliminary stage usually takes around an hour.

If a sitting is not feasible for whatever reason, I'm happy to work from your own photos, ptoviding they're of a suitable quality/resolution.

Following the sitting, I take the photos/sketches back to my studio and work on a final portrait. Once complete, I will send a digital preview of the portrait for you to approve. I'm always happy to make any tweaks until you're happy. When the portrait is dry I apply a varnish and it's ready to go!


Prices are variable depending on the nature of the commission. As a rough guide - individual head/shoulders portraits in oils on canvas start at £350. For multiple portraits I'm able to offer reductions.

It's best to let me know what you had in mind so I can give you an exact quote.


I take a 50% deposit on order of the portrait, and the remainder on completion once you've approved the finished piece.

Current Lead Time

3 - 4 weeks

To enquire:


Tel: 07947856515

Or alternatively, reach me via my Facebook page and other social media accounts below.